WILDAWEAR is not just a store, it's a Community. People like you who want to give back and help support animals. We want to create conversations so people can understand the real threat to endangered and neglected animals.


How It Works?

All our products have been inspired by animals and aim to get people talking about the animal in question. Our community knows that every product they purchase will help us to Adopt and support Animals like Elephants, Lions, Monkeys, Dogs and many more.

Working with Organisations like The Born Free Foundation & The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee make this all possible. They do a lot to help many animals and through them, we are able to adopt and support them.


How to Get Involved?

We Love that you want to be part of our growing community, and we make it very easy to get involved. 

There are a couple of ways in which you can help.

1. Follow us on our social media and help Share are message to save all these beautiful Animals






2. You can Head over to our shop and check out all the Animal Inspired Items we have to offer. You can safely order any of these items knowing that your purchase will be helping an Animal that needs support to survive.

When someone asks you about it, use it as a way to start a conversation about the animal and how so many need support from good people like yourself.

Click Here To See What Animal Inspired Products are on offer!


We appreciate your support and hope you can be part of our growing community!